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MD511 : Masters in CAD-CAM

Course Contents :


  • Pro/Engineer :- Sketcher , Modeling , Surfacing , Assembly , Drafting.
  • I-deas :- Sketcher , Modeling , Surfacing , Assembly , Drafting.
  • Solid Edge : - Sketcher , Modeling , Surfacing , Assembly , Drafting. (Any Two Software)
  • NX :- Sketcher ,Modeling ,Surfacing ,Assembly ,Drafting , Manufacturing


  • Milling
  • Turning


  • Tool Design
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Machine Design
Course Duration Batch timings
Masters in CAD-CAM 5 Months ( 4 hrs. / day) 08 am - 12 pm (10 Seat)
12 pm - 04 pm (10 Seat)
04 pm - 08 pm (10 Seat)

Frequently Asked Question

What is the specialty of this Master Course?

This Five Months comprehensive and intensive hands on training program covers every thing from fundamentals to sufficiently advanced concept to make a person confidant enough to enter the world of CAD/CAM. Not only this course makes one learn about the concepts and methodologies, but also efficient means of employing the software tools. Course also contains positive thinking approach with Yoga & Personality Development Module. JOB Guarantee ? Really I will get the JOB....

Yes. We keep some Industries in mind and design our training methodology in such a way that Companies looking for candidates possess knowledge they desire.

Dipesh Engineering Works Mumbai

They are in Pressure Vessel Design & use Solid Edge for their design. So we make sure that Introduction to piping and vessel design is covered while teaching Solid Edge.

Onward Technology, Pune

Very renowned name in CAD/CAM services requires Project Engineers with specialization in Sheet Metal is covered and Live Project is given to gain the confidence

Amforge India Ltd.,

Pune They are in foring Industry and uses UG. They require people with Core Cavity extraction knowledge. So we make sure this is covered and similar Project is given to get expertise in Forge Dies

Atlantis, Pune

They are in CAD/CAM services requires Pro-E professionals with specific knowledge of product design and geometric tolerance. We cover this as well.

Geometric, Neilsoft and Sungrace

Looking for CAD engineers with programming knowledge for customisation(VB, VC++). So

This is first time we are starting this Batch and we are certain about the success.

How much Salary I will get?

We make sure that career of our student starts with some CAD/CAM Industry. The growth in the form of Salary Package is good. That is why Salary commitment can not be given before taking the admission. Our past records tells starting salary packages in the range of Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 12,000/- per month and Master Students of Year 2003 is getting 1.5 Lacs to 3 Lacs per annum. So we invite those students who are willing to start their career in CAD/CAM rather than demanding specific salary.

Where I will get the JOB ?

As we are the Channel Partner of Siemens we offer Jobs mainly at our Clients in Pune, Nashik, Mumbai and Out of Maharashtra also. So we offer you Jobs any where in India. Last 10 years we are in CAD/CAM field and because of which we are having good relations with many companies so it is easy to give Jobs to our students in the CAD/CAM world. So we invite those willing to relocate them self any where in India.

What is the record of Past Students ?

Master Batch Students Intake Placed
2001 - 02 : 1st 8 8
2001 - 02 : 2nd 7 6*
2002 - 03 : 3rd 8 8
2002 - 03 : 4th 8 7*
2003 - 04 : 5th 8 7*
2003 - 04 : 6th 12 11*
2004 - 05 : 7th 16 16
2004 - 05 : 8th 22 20
2005 - 06 : 9th 25 24
2006- 07 : 10th 30 26
2007- 08 : 11th 15 14
2008-9 : 12th 25 25
2009-10 : 13th 4 2
2010-11 : 14th 20 in process

* Those did not get the Job has left the course in between

Some references :

  • Mr. Atul Pradhan
  • Mr. Sachin Borse
  • Mr. Lalit Patil
  • Mr. Dhaval
  • Mr. Baban Pawar
  • Mr. Surjit
  • Ms. Deepti Pilkane
  • Mr. Rajendra
  • Mr. Sachin Charde
  • Mr. Chavan
  • Mr. Chandrakant
  • Mr. Md. Yahia
  • Mr. Tompure
  • Mr. Tompure
  • Mr. Ravikumar Pande
  • Mr. Arihant Jain
  • Mr. Ravi Shrivastav
  • Mr. Kanwal Bali
  • Mr. Shrikant Shivalkar
  • Mr. Nilesh
  • Mr. Rajendra Kumar
  • Mr. Ashish Dhole
  • Mr. Sandip Kulkarni
  • Mr. Ashish

What are fees ?


What is the procedure for getting admission ?

Admission for Master Course is depends upon
Academic record of the students
Student should pass the objective test
Student should pay the full fees at the time of admission

Register for Written Test

Come with your resume at our main branch after short listing the resume we will allow for our written test and let you know about your admission.