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BTR-RE93 : Tape reader emulators

RE 93 is Electronic paper taper reader emulator for direct replacement of paper tape readers and punchers. It has got micro controller CPU for handling various protocols in CNC communication. It has electronic memory for storing NC data and Executable software. It has optically isolated RS232 port for PC communication

  • Compatible with DNC
  • Block by block transfer of data
  • High speed
  • 16-2 LCD display
  • Multiple part storage
  • Unmanned operation
  • Bidirectional Communication
  • Power fail option
  • RE93 bypass mode



RE 93 has standard RS 232 port for PC communication. It has transmit and receive line and has Xon Xoff protocol. RS 422 also can be incorporated with one additional converter. RS 232 port of RE 93 is optically isolated from ground.

For Reader / Punchar connection RE 93 has two ports called input port and output port. Both are 25 pin D type connectors. Input port is for connecting existing reader. If reader is connected to this port, paper tape can be read and store into RE 93 memory. If puncher port from CNC is connected to this port, NC data sent by CNC to puncher port will be collected by RE 93 and store electronically. Data stored in RE 93 can be later sent to PC using RS 232 port.

RE 93 has output port for connecting to reader port of CNC or puncher. RE 93 can respond to CNC exactly as reader responds to CNC and send NC data to CNC electronically. It generates sprocket signal for certification. If puncher is connected to this port RE 93 will drive puncher so that paper tape can be punched out.

RE 93 can emulate following interfaces as on today and can be configured for any other interface if necessary timing diagrams are available with the customers.

  • FANUC Reader
  • Tally Reader
  • Acrared Reader
  • Gilmetti Reader
  • General Electric
  • SlO Syn Reader
  • GNT Reader
  • Remex Reader
  • FER 202 Reader (AGIE)
  • Facit Reader
  • GNT Puncher
  • Excellon CNC 6
  • AGIE CNC wire EDM
  • CMM
  • OKK
  • Okuma
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Sieb and Mayor : PCB drill machines
  • Fanuc 6M - With BTR RE93 block by block communication can be achieved. This facility is not available with RS232 port available on machine
  • JAPAX - Japax machines are fitted with Cassette for data transfer. Cassette can be eliminated with RE93



Includes Godrej, L&T, M&M, Siemens, GKN, BHEL, HAL, DRDL, Circuit systems, Escorts, Rasandik, Tecumsh, Crompton